Sister Moon Studio
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About Us

Dot and Cat Brantley hail from Atlanta, GA and come from a most creative, musical, and nutty family. The two are always getting into something crafty and practically pin new ideas to try daily. Whether in the kitchen, the garden, the art room, or the great outdoors, the sisters love discovering new creative outlets that make their souls shine.

Their other passion is people - pure and simple. Connecting with, laughing with, and learning from the people around them lights their fire. Sister Moon Studio is where these two passions come together.

At Sister Moon Studio, we design simple, creative workshops geared towards men and women looking to engage their creative side. The focus is on the process, not the outcome, and the goal is for you to leave a workshop having discovered something new you could do with your time instead of binging on Netflix (but hey, no judgement - we do it too.)

Sister Moon’s mission is not to make you an expert at a specific craft. The mission is to connect you with the creative being you already are, surrounded by friends old and new.  With maybe some wine and cheese on the side.

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